Welcome to Hortisur, Hortisur was founded in 2011 in Netherland, Country Industrial Estate.

Mission Vision

Hortisur has been manufacturing all the agro machinery to meet all the need from seeding, weeding, applying fertilizer-pesticides, irrigation, harvesting, threshing, winnowing, drying and preserving. As a part of the continuous activity, Hortisur has been leading the following activities.

  1. "Hortisur" is shipping to different countries after meeting the regional demand.
  2. In addition to creating a specialist labor force, "Hortisur" is developing as an alternative export industry.
  3. By using the equipment produced by Hortisu, farmers can benefit both individually and commercially.
  4. Large labor costs, investment and time saved farmers are becoming self-sufficient.
  5. By using locally produced high-quality machinery we can reduce the reliance on imported items.