Welcome to Hortisur, Hortisur was founded in 2011 in Netherland, Country Industrial Estate.


Company Formation

Hortisur was organized in 2011 at the Netherlands Industrial Estate, Netherlands. A group of farming development authority is the foundation board of this company. In fact, this is the ultimate manifestation of the Foundation's long-cherished intellectual philosophy. There is a big impact on the transformation into the traditional to modern farming accessories. Because we want to develop our farmer's agriculture system. So that they can change the method to decrease poverty and food crisis. It can be the regular form of a career-changing prospect. Because we manufacture automotive machinery that can make the farmer more growing. They can cultivate more easily and smartly.

Before starting, we were the marking team in the engineering field. Thus we know the accurate value of modern technology integration. We always try to put in place the ideas in the techno firms. From 1998 we are trying to give new and advanced birth to new innovation. And after a decade we place our starting as the most leading agricultural machinery company in Netherland.
An energetic development and homework were made before taking extremely effective steps. Recognizing the individual local company of the engineering industry in Amsterdam, the recently found production concentrated in engineering processing machinery.
Since the dedication of his work, implemented technology became the focal point of Sam Holland 's vision and aspiration. The industrial backwardness of the Amsterdam area disheartened him uniformly. In particular, the question of transforming from traditional to the latest mechanized system of cultivation for improving the future of our poverty-stricken agricultural workers spellbound his vision from the very opening of his career.
Concurrent with manufacturing projects, the newly discovered Hortisur. Also highlighted Agro-machineries Development and Research as a significant organizational aim for covering market difficulties with a regularly updated variety of services.
Initially, Hortisur started with Mr. Sam Holland as the Chairman, Mr. Lucas Power as the Managing Director, Mr. Benjamin Kirk the Executive Director and Mr. Owen Francis as a Director.